African Print Fabric Ankara Cotton (Red Floral)

  • Width: 46 inches
  • Length: 6 yards
  • Double sided original cotton fabric
  • Not waxed


African Print Fabric Ankara Cotton Attire Style Fabric Material For Dress and Craft

African print fabric 6 yards Wholesale.
Beautiful African fabric, perfect for sewing casual and occasional wear, quilting, crafting, accessories, home decor, for finishing your projects and more. Enjoy the creativity!


 - Machine Wash, Cold; Warm Iron; Do Not Bleach.

african print fabric by the yard

African print fabric 6 yards Wholesale.

Introducing our exquisite collection of African Print Fabrics, a vibrant celebration of African heritage and creativity. These fabrics are not just materials; they are a canvas showcasing the rich, diverse cultures of the African continent.

**Diverse Patterns and Colors**: Each fabric features an array of bold, eye-catching designs, ranging from intricate geometric patterns to organic, fluid motifs. The colors are rich and varied, often combining bright, vivid hues with deep, earthy tones, reflecting the diverse landscapes and cultures of Africa.

**High-Quality Material**: Crafted from premium-quality cotton, these fabrics are both durable and soft to the touch. The tight weave ensures longevity, making them suitable for a wide range of uses, from clothing to home decor.

**Versatile Use**: Ideal for fashion designers, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts, these fabrics are perfect for creating unique clothing items like dresses, skirts, and shirts. They’re also excellent for accessories like head wraps, bags, and jewelry, as well as for home decor items like curtains, cushion covers, and tablecloths.

**Cultural Significance**: Each pattern carries its own story and cultural significance, often symbolizing social status, ancestry, and traditional African folklore. Wearing or using products made from these fabrics is not only a style statement but also a way of honoring and connecting with African heritage.

**Eco-Friendly and Sustainable**: Produced with an emphasis on sustainability, these fabrics are eco-friendly, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

**Customizable Options**: Available in a range of widths and lengths, these fabrics can be ordered in quantities to suit any project, large or small.

Our African Print Fabrics are more than just materials; they are a tribute to the artistry and spirit of Africa. They offer a unique opportunity to bring a piece of African culture into your life, whether through fashion, crafts, or home decor. Embrace the beauty and vibrancy of Africa with these stunning fabrics.

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